Hearts Horn

A girl like you is impossible to find, you made the unknown known, my imagination became a tangible reality, like an unrealistic breath under water, I would never drown with you there to tell me I could breathe.

You have taken me to so many different places, so many new versions of myself I never knew existed, or even wanted to find out about, but here I sit changed just because of the effect you have on my soul. 

I have dreamed so big because of you, I reached so far, like nothing was out of my realm of possibility, you made me feel alive again. You wore me down to the core, you allowed me to be who I was, and never let me get away with childish like insecurities, those default memory tactics that saved me from the pain of others was not a way to feel, or to live. 

I swear it’s true when I say I love you that I miss you and wearing you as someone I love has become an everyday occurrence, but now I must take these clothes off, and change out of this love. I always thought you were stronger, but you’ve become an apparition, no where to be seen unless you show yourself. You used to tell me you care, but you’re no where, no hand out reached, no words to reassure, it’s over for you, and I’m left choking on the water you let me breathe in.


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