I’m so very sorry. 

I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough,I’m sorry you saw fault in everything I said,

I’m sorry my love was so easy to walk away from,

I’m sorry all of my words fell on a deaf heart,

I’m sorry you never saw all of me for who I was,

I’m sorry you never tried harder than a little,

I’m sorry we never got to be more than back seat lovers,

I’m sorry I was wanting you more and more,

I’m sorry for being selfish with wanting you,

I’m sorry you wasted your time with me,

I’m sorry we never got more than 1 night together,

I’m sorry you never left your other,

I’m sorry I was jealous of all the attention you gave others,

I’m sorry I shared so much of myself with you,

I’m sorry I pushed to know as much as I can about you.

I’m sorry for the time I begged for,

I’m sorry I’m just really heart broken,

I’m sorry that you think something else other than the truth,

I’m sorry you broke our trust, our bond, our love,

I’m sorry my love wasn’t good enough, 

I’m sorry I wasn’t worth the fight… 
I’m sorry for everything. 


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