What’s this?!?

She flipped her long hair put of her face with her left hand, and smirked at me awkwardly. As if I have never seen her do that before. It was different this time, there was something more in her eyes, there was a desire there that I had never seen before, maybe it’s because she never showed that side before. Maybe I just didn’t notice. 

What are you looking at she asked me. I replied, you, for the first time. She blushed a deep red, and walked toward me as I was sitting on her couch. She put her hands on my knees, and leaned way in as I felt her hair brush my face. She didn’t break away from my stare, I could see her smiling as she got closer. She stopped just an inch away from my lips with hers and said softly, Guess you’ve been blind for a while now, because I’ve been here all along. I give her a devilish grin, and just as I’m about to respond with something witty, she whips her head and body around, and she launches off my knees with her hands. Leaving me all alone on the couch. 

Let’s go boy, you got more stuff to do before we do anything fun. I shake my head, I never liked moving, but I don’t mind it today. 


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