Reflection of a fool

The reflection in your eyes shows me the fool you see. 

I have been staring at you and it’s as of you can’t even see me even though I’m looking in your eyes. The hurt I feel won’t allow me to see the truth in your lies.

You don’t trust me? What reasons have I given you to not trust me? Was it because I left everything behind to be with you? Was it my undying love for you? Was it my understanding? My patience? My words?! What is it that makes you not trust the one person in your life that truly has your back?!

I guess that one foot you had out the door was just enough to justify you needing something more than what I could give you. Never fully committing to me, or the love I had for you. It was just enough for you to question everything I did as if I was trying to get away with something. You made it up in your mind, like I was the one not leaving, not committing, not caring, not showing you any type of compassion or love, but only when it was convenient.

We were close, but every time it felt good, you freaked out, as if you wouldn’t allow yourself to believe it was that good. You said we lost it, no sweetheart, you threw it away, I lost nothing, but lost everything when you threw it out. 


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