Back Seat Love

In this back seat is where we came to love. We found each other a little something here. This white shell that held us together, kept us warm, kept us alone, and the cover of the night made it even better. 

We had conversation, we had laughs, lord knows we had our arguments, but in that back seat was where I first felt what it was like to be with you. The first place I fell in love with your smile, the one that kills me every time I see it.

We had a time there, we had the most life there, besides our all day conversations via phone messages. It was an amazing connection, a wonderful friendship that turned into so much more. 

Now I see that car I and I get upset. I know you’re cleaning the memories out of it one day at a time. Making new memories with someone else, while I am stuck trying to figure out why? What did I do wrong? I have done everything I possibly could to make this happen, and it’s not going to happen. I guess it boils down to what you want more, and that’s not me. It’s what you already have, and what you need from him. 


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