Letting go is hard when holding on is all you’ve ever known.

So it seems the decision has been made for me, once again. When will I get a say in what happens with us? I guess never, because you made it pretty final today. 

“I hang on every careless word, hoping it would turn sweet again, like it was in the beginning”

I have been holding on to the thoughts of us, and dreaming about what it would be like, checking my phone to see if you were thinking of me. Always a disappointing blank screen. I have one of your pictures as my back ground on my phone, just so I can see you everyday, even if it’s my own doing.

I know that you’re living life to the fullest with nothing holding you back, while you never look back at who you’re leaving behind. It’s easier to just keep looking forward and focus on the fun, and let any pain fall away, while you slowly let me drift away.

I said it before, I have done all I can do to prove to you where I am at. There is nothing more I can do to show you, prove to you, if you don’t want this, then there’s nothing I can do.

With all the words I have I can’t write you back to me. I can’t paint you in my arms, I can’t sing your lips to mine, I can’t talk your heart into loving mine.



One thought on “Finalé”

  1. I have this hope too.. waiting for his words to become sweet again.. to call me darlin with his sexy American twang. But, not dissimilar to the broken heart you suffer dear friend.. I too ache from the void left by a love abandoned. One with future plans, hopes and dreams that I had no doubt were to be the makings of a future based on honesty and commitment. Unconditional was always my love for him.. but to what avail is such a love when only one knows how to give and receive it.
    Even though I’m shattered, I will put the pieces back together again, and so will you.. but differently this time.
    And more Resilliant than ever before.

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