“Almost made you love me, almost made you cry, almost made you happy baby, didn’t I, didn’t I? Almost had me thinking you were turned around, but everybody knows Almost doesn’t count” – Mark Willis – Almost Doesn’t Count

Well here I am on a Saturday night, left wondering where my best friend is. Wondering where this love of my life is. I’m begining to think they left me high and dry, both being one and the same I’m left alone again. It’s worse than before I met you, at least I did not know what I was missing back then. I had forgotten what hurt was, forgotten what neglect was, and fuck it all, I didn’t know what real love was. 
I applaud your disconnect from me, and how I have become someone you no longer even want to say hi too. I don’t understand how you can just leave something that was so real. Maybe it wasn’t real for you. Maybe it was just something else for you, but how would I know since you never talk to me about anything, let alone everything. 

I guess as always the ball is in your court, your hands, your whatever, and I’m just the joke that never gets to have a say. I’m pissed off how you shut me out, and I’m going to do something about it soon if you don’t. I am not going to sit in limbo for long, and I’m done putting my love on hold, because it’s about to break out and freak out. 


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