Burn me to ashes

Burn to the ground with what we’ve found. It’s more than anything I can handle alone, but that’s just the way you’ve left me. Your silence is a game, and you’re too afraid of what we have, so you stay in the safe zone of what you know. Reconnect with what was lost, and set yourself back onto that course I saved you from. It’s so hard to find truth in the riddles, nothing too big, something so little, how can we meet in the middle? You’re forcing a separation that I didn’t ask for, and maybe that’s the point. I’m left to figure out what to do on my own. You promised to never leave me, but here I am looking for a trace of you. These thoughts of us are torture when I know I am the only one talking. I’m left stalking for any evidence to change my mind, to set myself at peace, set my memories ablaze and catch the ashes of what was. Why can’t the heart win? Why can’t the logic be thrown to the wind? You’re not going to die, you’re not going lose everything when you are gaining everything. I see the truth, it’s not a distorted version, it’s as clear as day for me, I know what it is, I felt it, lived it, and want it more than any one thing in this world… what does that say to you?! Run away? Regrets? Fear? Maybe…. Just maybe you’re not as unhappy as you once were, and taking a chance on us, me, just isn’t worth the work, risk, stress…. I know, it’s not easy, and I’m not asking for that, or to make choices, all I want is you, but you bury me in excuses. So I’m left with these bruises. I’ve done nothing wrong but love you, but maybe you don’t need it, or even want it. 


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