Friend Zoned

I don’t know anymore. Not sure I can handle talking about them, and the compliments he gives her. I can’t be her friend like that, there’s too much hurt and anger when it comes with it. Friends? I think this is where she’s headed with it, and I’m not sure I can follow her there. I have been patient, I really have, and I’m not sure how I can hold on anymore. With no power to regenerate from, I’m getting drained of everything, so all that’s left is a shell of who I am. My eye lids are heavy as I write this, I’m worn out, but my heart aches and is longing for her, us… I can’t satisfy the insatiable desire to be with her no matter how hard I try. It seems the harder I try, the more I want, the more I fall. I’m just not sure, so many questions with no answers. Just sit here until I can’t anymore. 


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