5pm date 

The sweet smell of her perfume filled the car as I sat down in the front seat with her. She is looking in the mirror, sorry, something in my eye. I can’t help myself, yeah, it’s your finger. She shakes her head, dork. I smile and respond, and? You love it! She slaps the mirror up puts her sunglasses back over her eyes and says, yup, and leans in to kiss me. Her lips are soft, and warm, she went straight for a passionate kiss, her tongue comes out a little bit to touch mine, a perfect amount of arousal on my end. She pulls back a little and smiles and asks if I’m ok. I roll my eyes and call her a tease. Who meeee? Surly not! How exactly? She asks. I grab her shirt and pull her to me to continue to that wonderful kiss. 

As we talk for the few minutes we have, I hold her hand and caress her arm with my fingers. I do this for two reasons, one, she loves her arm rubbed, it reminds her of when her mother used to do that and two, I will have her perfume on my hands so I can smell her anytime I want when she leaves. I love touching her, and being next to her. She talks about her day, what she did, and it sounds like heaven to me. It could be how she mopped the floor and I’d be all about her, I just enjoy being there with her.

She says, Hey, I have talked enough, how was your day? Are you almost done. I tell her my day was good, getting better by the second, and I’m almost done. She responded, sweet. I laugh. She looks at the clock on her dash, 10 mins I gotta go. I know, I replied. Come kiss me! She says, no. I say, excuse me? I don’t think so mister, she said playfully. I take my hand and grab one of her boobs, right in the parking lot we were sitting in, like a total adolescent. She gets all tweaked and yells my name!!! I say, what? Stop it! She says, someone could see us! She says. I look around, you means see us do this as I grab her boob again. She yells at me again! And she starts to recoil into the door. Now I’m in attack mode. I start to lean in to kiss her and she starts to mover her head away from me. Oh yeah? I say. She calls my name again with a little anger in her voice. I now start to go for her ticklish spots. She’s on high alert, sensory overload. Anywhere I touch her she jumps, nooo, not nice, not nice!! She keeps saying. Kiss me! I say to her, she replies with nope, I jab her side with my finger, kiss me or I will bury my hands in your arms! She begrudgingly moved her head towards me with her lips puckered and ready for my kiss. I wait a second to make her think that maybe I wasn’t going to kiss her, but tickle her again. She says, don’t even. I lean in an kiss her. She relaxes as I get back in my seat. She’s muttering something awful in my direction with a smirk on her face. 

She looks at the time, I gotta go to work now. She was a little sad that our time was already over, as was I. I love playing with her, and spending that one on one with her. She told me to kiss her as I was sliding out of the car. I lean back in and kiss her softly, whisper that I love her, and she whispers it back. Then I take my hand and grab her boob one more time! AAAHH!! You’re such a shit!! She yells as I smile like the devil at her and shut the door to her car. She speeds off and I watch her leave with a big dumb smile on my face. 

I get a message on my phone, such a shit, but I love you 😘 I shake my head and smile as I slide my phone back into my pocket. Love that girl.


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