That one time she wore it best.

She threw on my flannel, and slid on some underwear. Her long red hair was wet from the shower we just took. I’m laying on the bed with my shorts on, and she sees me staring at her, she jumps into bed with a smile, what!!? She asks, nothing! As I pull her on top of me. She straddles me, puts her hands on my chest. I wiggle my hips a little she smiles, noooo, I’m too sore, I need a break. I smile, pfft, no you don’t. She leans down to give me a kiss, her wet hair fall around my face and she smells amazing. She kissed me slowly, and for what seemed like a long time. I love you she said. I love you too I responded. I pull her down and to the right side of me. She flopped down wrapping her legs into mine, as she rests her head on my arm. We are facing each other now. 

No words were needed to describe what we were feeling. I rubbed my hand down her naked thighs, slowly running my fingers back up her thigh. She was doodling her finger on my chest, tracing the tattoo’s, which I love her doing. Her blue eyes bright, and full of my brown eyes. She leans in and rests her head on my chest, I pull her body closer, not sure how, but we found room to improve our connection. I lay on my back, so I’m able to stroke her hair with my right hand. Her wet hair on my chest, and feeling her hands on my body gets me turned on again. I breathe deeply through my nose to take in this moment. 

We were alone, finally alone, and it couldn’t have been better. No phones to distract us, no people around us, nothing in our way to be us. She stops rubbing my sides and asks if I’m ok after hearing my big breath. I tell her I’m just breathing, and relaxing. She say’s ok, looks up and steals another kiss and rests her head back on my shoulder. I rest my head on hers, and think about what we are going to do next. 

I look at her as she dozes off, she was tired, and watching her sleep is cute. She looks so amazing lying next to me. I feel so perfect, like she is where I am supposed to be. Her skin tone matches with mine, and we fit together like a puzzle. I have never been here, never felt this way about another person ever, she has stolen my heart, and I am very ok with that.  


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