The simplest memories are the best. 

Don’t you dare touch that door I said, as she reached to open the door. She smiled, I’m not helpless I can open doors. I responded, I know you can, but let me open this one for you. She shook her head with a smile and said, you’re such a shit. I smiled, opened the door and pushed her on the back as she went through it. She stumbled a little bit, and said, Wow! really? I smiled and said don’t be a dick when I want to open the door for you. She says in a whisper, wow, just wow. The Dunkin Donut’s guy was highly amused, and was smiling big as we walked up to the counter to order. She looks at me and asks, do you want anything? I look at her if she has 3 heads, uh, no. Even if I did, your money sucks. She shakes her head again with a smile, such a dick. The DD’s guy asks what she wants with a laugh, I interrupt her as she starts to speak. I say loudly, ugh, man, why did you open that door, you better get a pen to write it all down, I point to her with my finger and whisper, high maintenance… she hit’s me, I AM NOT! I laugh, tell him what you want then, the DD’s guy gets in on the action, says, speak slowly, so I understand you. She smirks playfully, I want a iced coffee, caramel, half ice, with cream. It really isn’t all that much, but when she orders it at warp speed it sounds way worse. I look at the guy, did you get all that? He now gets on her side. True cock block move, oh, that’s not bad at all, I get some doozies, this one is actually normal. She yells, SEE? As I roll my eyes at the both of them. Whatever I say sarcastically. 

We move out of the way to allow others to order, they got to witness our fun, and pretty sure they were all smiling at us. Why you gotta be like that? She says with the beautiful smile. I respond with like what?, NORMAL?! As she blushes a little as I said it louder. I push her, she kicks me in the shin. Don’t even she says with big eyes and a smile. I just glare at her playfully.


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