One more day.

I just want you to get in my truck, sit down, hold my hand and drive. Let us drive to any destination that feels right and let the hum of the tires be the only noise we here until we stop. I want you to lean on my shoulder and rub my arm as we stare at the water slapping the beach. Let your hair fall, let my hands go, and see where we land. I want to look into your blue eyes and see them sparkling, I want you to smile at me like you used too. I want you to reach over and turn the radio on, and get your favorite country station playing. I want you to look out the window wondering how this feels so right as I start driving to our next destination. 

The headlights bounce off the ole back road as we hear the night-time music from the forest. Animals and bugs trying to be heard, trying to be seen. I pull into a field, shut the truck off and pull the blankets and pillows out of the back. You jump out of the cab and jump in the back while cracking open your favorite beer. We lay down in the bed of the truck, surrounded by stars and life. You lay on your back, throw your right leg over my left one as we lay there staring at the abyss.

You turn to me as I turn to you. Your skin is glowing, your eyes are deep, and I am in love. As you reach for my face to kiss me, I lean in to meet you half way, you say something to me, and we kiss, and it feels right, she feels like home to me. 


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