It’s been too long.

As my phone lit up, and pinged, the words across the screen read, “Leaving now” I responded so quickly, “see you there” that I dropped my phone in my lap as I hit send. she replied, “k”. I started the truck, started to drive to our spot. My stomach started to turn into knots, and a smile came to my face that I couldn’t get rid of, nor did I want too. It has been almost a month since she’s been in front of me, in the flesh! I have not looked into her beautiful eyes, or kissed those soft lips. I was actually really excited to see her! I swerve left, swerve right, with very little caution as I am on cloud 9 just trying to get there. 

I made my way around the road, behind the building that has been keeping us safe for quite some time. I shut the lights off, and roll to a stop. I jump out, and relieve myself of bodily fluids, I do this every time, because I don’t want to have to take a pee break. I get back in the truck and wait. I throw a piece of gum in my mouth, and start chewing it vigorously. I don’t want her to smell anything awful coming from my mouth. 

I start looking around waiting to see those head lights come around the corner. I tap the steering wheel of the truck trying as if it will make the time pass faster. My ADHD is in over-drive as all my senses are awake, and tingling. I know I have to shut it down when she gets here as best as I can. I know she’s had a long day and me coming in like a tornado really won’t go over well. I see the lights start coming around the corner, I start smiling as she pulls up next to me. Tonight will be amazing I thought as I got out of the truck and start heading to her.


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