Hey girl…

How are you?

I am sitting here in a tub full of hot water and bubbles, yes I’m a pimp and like to enjoy the easier things in life. I’m listening to some love songs, and writing this. Nothing special will come of it I’m sure, but I’m just going to write and listen to my heart. In one day you’ll have a birthday, and I know you’re celebrating it now this weekend with your roommate and friends, and I know you’re having a great time and I am happy you are. You deserve to be happy, and that’s all I’ve wanted for you since I met you. The girl who had a smile that melted me, and a body that awoken me. 

Come Monday, when it’s your actual birthday, and with nothing in the way but work and time, I hope to celebrate it with you in a real way, even if it is brief, I want to see you, and give you birthday kisses. There’s something special about birthday’s for me. I hope to be with such an older lady 😉 hehe She hates that she’s getting older, but she’s more beautiful than she’s ever been! 

I have been dreading this weekend for obvious reasons, but in all honesty, you have been so amazing to me this weekend, and you have been reaching out to me, saying sweet things, and making me feel loved. Tonight you said some super sweet things, and it makes me want to shower you with love! So Monday you will get just that! 

I have a few plans to try out, and hope that it works out for me to be able to get them in motion for you! I know you say you don’t expect much, and that makes me sad, but at the same time, I hope I can make your day even more special by doing what I think you deserve! 

I’d give you whatever you want and then some if I could, but I know it’s not practical now, so I will have to settle for what I can do. Haha I hope your Sunday is fun, and you get even more enjoyment, and soak in some of that cool mountain air. Maybe think of me one time when you look off the lift and see the snow covered trees and all the beauty the mountains offer. This mountain man loves you, and misses you. 


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