Her love 

When love hits on all cylinders there is nothing better, nothing sweeter, nothing that compares. When it’s just the two of you, when it’s just great conversation, great laughs, and genuine affection it’s as if you are the only two around.

Where can I swoon over her! Where can I go to let out all this emotion of joy, happiness, rainbows and shit. A place an emo boy can go and squeal in peace, with no eye rolls, judgment, and name calling. A place that lets her know that I am in love! Some place no one else can ruin our time with a text or message. Where no others can draw her attention away from me.

She says, what are you doing, what’s in the bag?! I pull out two beers, and she says, why? You don’t drink! I reply with a smirk, yes I do, just not as much as some. She smiles and says awww. I tell her that I have been wanting to share a beer with the girl I love, and we have no chance to do so most times, so I have create these times. I also tell her that if something happens to either one of us and I lose this chance, the opportunity, I would be highly upset. Regret is a motherfucker with time I say to her. She smiled as I handed her her Rebel. To us, a year of you not killing me. She laughs, cheers as the bottles clink, and we share our first beer together, officially. 

We sat and talked about the days adventures, how her boss is a total twatwaffle, and the dumb shit they make her do. We talked about her family, her plans for her weekend, and what may or may not happen on her birthday. We had a couple kisses, a ton of laughs, and some much needed (for me) cuddle time. I enjoy listening to her, love being so close to her where I can touch her, kiss her neck, and look i to her eyes. 

As always time kills everything, even the awesome time I was having with her. She said her good-byes, and she was off. I watched her drive away while I sat and basked in the happiness of that moment. Impromptu sweetness, coupled with her willingness to go with it, made for the best of our time. She looked amazing, and I finally got a beer breath kiss, Yeah, I’m a weirdo, but I live for my time and experiences with her. She has stolen my heart, my attention, and if I get to keep spoiling her with everything I have, then that’s what I’m going to keep doing. 


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