She’s gonna feel me

She has no idea what she does to me, and how she twists me inside out with just her smirk. The games we play make me smile, and the teasing she gives me makes my mind alive. She has a way with her eyes that make me want to just say yes to whatever she wants from me. My heart melts when she traces her fingers over my tattoos while we lay naked together.

Her smiles range from feisty to loving and her eyes shine when we are close together. She tries to hide her smile when I come into the room knowing that if anyone is watching it will give her away. I love the way her little nostrils flare when she’s irritated with me and is ready to throw things. Her red hair always smells amazing and when it’s long *ahem* it’s at it’s best. She looks amazing to me every time I see her, even when she’s in her lazy clothes. 

The glasses she wears are dark and nerdy, and they fit her soft white skin so perfectly. Her hands are soft except where she eats her finger nails to a raw state of soreness. I playfully shake my head at her. When she says my name I get a little butterfly in my stomach, and my soul jumps at the chance to answer her. 

I love the way her body feels under mine. I want to never leave her side, and the way she feels when she is laying next to me. I have never wanted a woman so much in my life, and it takes me to a whole new place. I am at peace next to her, I am full of love when I’m next her, I am me when I’m with her. 

She is amazing. 


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