No, he doesn’t…

Does he smile when you come into the room? Does he look at you like you’re the only girl in the place? Does he tell you how beautiful you are everyday?

Does he appreciate the hard work you do?

Does he talk about how he can help you achieve your goals?

Does he kiss you like he may never kiss you again?

Does he love the way you look under the moon light?

Does he squeeze your hand to let you know he knows your touch?

Does he worry about you when you’re sick?

Does he write poems about you?

Does he feel good when you’re laying next to him?

Do his lips feel soft and loving after a long day?

Does he see you as someone he could never lose? 

Does he only see you in a crowd of people.

Does he make you feel like you’re his entire world?

Does he remember the little things?

Does he hug you with reassuring arms?

Does he make your days better?

Does he get butterflies when you touch him?

Does he care for you like a man should?

Does he speak your name with love?

Does he love you with his whole heart?

Does he make you feel like you’re happy?

Does he miss you when you’re not around?

Does he realize who you are?

Does he see you?


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