Living with it

I try so hard, but maybe I shouldn’t. I have given myself over to love, and let all the walls down, all the insecurity known, and just where I stood only to have it thrown back in my face. 

I should just treat her like the rest, where it seems she responds the best. She’s not looking for my love, she’s not even thinking how I feel with what she does. And I’m just supposed to take it because that’s the situation I am in, and she has chosen.  

With all that new shit that she got, what I gave doesn’t even get a spot. I am a fool for thinking my thoughts, when everything she has, he got. I am second-hand thrift when he can get ice for her wrist, watch it glimmer, watch it shine, watch me not waste my time. 

The anger I feel, comes close to the seconds she steals. I have done my part, I have proven my heart, and here she is tearing us apart. Time has proven one thing, that when it comes to my love, it’s not a ring. She wants to stay because she can live with it, and here I am eating their shit. Only to be broken in two, what’s left of me and you?

Watch me die, watch me cry, watch me rip out my eyes, be the best yet, when I say good-bye. You’ll be free to fuck whomever you like, but you’re done fucking me over tonight, you can say it’s this or that, but in the end, you chose the other man. I gave you a year of my life, and it was willing, but here I am left with an empty feeling. I guess your ok with living with it, but I’m not ok anymore, because I’m not ok with you living with it, because that means I have to live with it too. 


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