WTF Have I become?

Whispered lies in a lovers ear brings false security, setting them up to fall short every time, this is so you make them try harder, only to have them fall into a cycle of insecurity of never being good enough, love never enough, or just never being enough….

We try so hard only to be reminded of our short comings daily, but when can we be ok with who we are and never worry about the shoe dropping on our heads? We are headed down a road of no return, to only end up in a heaping pile of what was when we finally crash into the wall of, it was never real to begin with. 

No one wants the truth after the sweet lies that have lulled us into a false sense of self-worth. The pain of hearing just how insignificant we are to someone is hard to take, and to the ones that thought it to be real, take the hardest fall. 

Love sucks, but only when it’s not real, and you are the one that loses in love. We try not to be jaded or cynical but after a love based on lies, we can’t help but be further away from the realness of love. We push it all away. We save our heart, we save our minds from senseless acts of self-torture. 


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