Trust is a mother fucker….
Pretty much my entire life I have been destroyed by that five letter word – T R U S T
I have been asked to –

I have been told to – 

I have been forced to –

I have been full of – 

All to be let down because I put all my trust into…

I have a hard time trusting because of this eight letter word – betrayal 

Every time I start to trust, the proverbial shoe drops, and I’m the one left hurt and dealing with the aftermath of whatever it was I started to trust. I am here still, wanting to trust, but my wall is so tall I’m afraid to let anyone in.

Trust is kryptonite to my entire being, it’s hard to trust for the many times I have been cut by it. 

I started with you, the one person I probably shouldn’t trust, but here I am unapologetic to my fear of betrayal. With you I find trust easy, other things are hard, but trusting you is not an issue.. We started the foundation of trust from get go, and it has been blissfully pleasant. 

You have my trust… I can count on one hand as to who else I can say that about. 


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