When the writing is on the wall.

Where do I go from here? I can’t force things to happen, I can’t control things, I have no say in anything, other than good-bye. Almost a year long wait for someone to decide if I’m the one, and I think if they haven’t figured it out by now, then I think I’m not the one they want. I want a long relationship, not a long affair. 

I deserve to be loved everyday, I deserve to be treated like a man, I deserve to have a woman in my life that wants me, loves me, and will miss me when I’m gone. 

I will not swallow my pride another summer while she is out having the time of her life while I’m struggling to get through each day and cling to the slivers of time we had together. I don’t want a love that lives in the shadows anymore. 

These next few weeks will tell me what I need to know, and the date has been set, if there’s no movement, then I’ll be moving on. It’s not fair to wait almost a year to only regress from where we started. I am good person with lots of love and life to give, and someone will want that, even if she doesn’t. 


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