Missing her…

It’s moments like these that I feel just a little more lonely than usual. I know birthday’s aren’t a big deal, and everybody has them, but I do enjoy turning one year older and celebrating it with someone I love. I’m not blaming anyone, I’m not mad at anyone, I’m just a lonely guy. She’s there doing her thing as she should be, and I’m sitting here on my couch missing her closeness, her hair, her smile, and her touch. She messaged me right at 12:01am to wish me Happy Birthday as I was passed out on the couch. She was the 1st one through, then 4 more birthday wishes followed right after. It was a nice gesture and very thoughtful. A reminder of what I am missing out on, but a golden moment to treasure knowing she cared enough to want to be the 1st to say it. She loves me, I know she does, and she thinks of me more and more. I think wonderful things, and hope she knows that I love her so very much, and would do anything for her. She is amazing, but I do miss her, and just want her in my arms. 


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