She’s more to me….

I write about heart break a lot, I write about selfish bitches, I write about my unstable, insecure, warped perception of what love should be like between two people. I rarely write about the happiness I experience when I’m hitting all eight cylinders… So tonight I’m nit going to self-loathe, I’m not going to blame anyone, I’m going to talk about true love in it’s rawest form, broken down to the core of what makes it work for me.

She is undeniably the most attractive redhead I have ever come across, scratch that, the most attractive woman I have ever had the pleasure to speak with, let alone be with. Her smile, which she ‘dislikes’ is one of the most attractive attributes of her entire being. Of course she has a sexy body, a very nice ass I smack as often as I can. Her hair is the perfect shade of red, and her freckles are the most adorable I’ve come to know. If we were just going off looks alone she’s a 10, and who she is as a person, she’s off the numeric chart system, or whatever that is.

Her mind is as dirty as mine, so amazing to know she’s thinking the same thing or worse when we see/hear something together. Her out look on life is extraordinarily rare in my world, and is so very intriguing to me. Her conversation is always great, and to hear her sweet voice is a crippler to my soul. I have never been so enamored by a person ever in my life. She is so gentle and lady like when we are close, and her lips are the softest, warmest lips I’ve kissed, and I’m instantly butter from them. Her tongue feels amazing on mine, and she kisses me with such passion and love.

It’s easy for her, she’s put together well, and holds herself in such away that just demands attention. Not in a negative, look at me kind of attention, just that she owns it, she is confident in who she is, and that is very attractive to me. I find myself being more confident by just knowing her, and how she works. It’s a relief to have someone in your life that can be their own person without you by their side. 

She is an amazing woman, strong as hell, and so motivated! I don’t get to see it as much, but I get to hear about it from her and I am just in awe that she is like that. Smart? Holy crap she is SO smart!! She is amazing with numbers, where as I know the word numbers… She is creative, and a hard worker. Qualities rarely found these days in most people, and she just kills it daily. I’m motivated more so when I’m around her and I just want to do a lot more of everything. 

My love is deep, my love is real, I’m not looking for that superficial, unrealistic garbage that most put on. I want someone I can talk to, be real with, be 100% honest with, someone that lets me be me, and doesn’t hold it against me. She is that and so much more for me. Whether I’m with her for five minutes, an hour or an entire day, it is always the best part of my day.

My love was found in her, and if she leaves tomorrow, I will finally know what real love is, looks like, and I will not settle for anything less than that. She ripped the veil of convenience off, and brought color to my grayscale world. 

Yes, I’m an emo boy when it comes to my heart, but I’m 100% ok with that, because of that wall gone, I was able to feel something very real.


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