Natural Born Loser.

I will never win… I always always always have to fucking fight for everything I have ever wanted. I can appreciate that, but sometimes, fuck, I’d like a win. Natural Born Losers that come from nothing, get nothing. I just want a win, something that just makes my life, love, less stressful. I swing hard every fucking day, only to get pinned in the ear by an angry pitcher. I walk it off, but only to have that ringing in my ear remind me I didn’t win.

I can’t escape it, I try to mask it with false representation of where I came from, only to have the mask melt away in a second. 

When will it be mine, when will it be my forever, when will it become my everything, when will it be over?? Happy Birthday to me. 

Music up loud, self-loathing engaged, and this day can go fuck itself. 

Natural Born Losers never win.


5 thoughts on “NBL..”

  1. Natural born losers ..have to keep fighting every day – I just wrote a poem today expressing this . It’s hard to come from nothing and become something – but don’t give up. Take everything that you can enjoy and see that it’s there- you write great poetry – that is a gift and no great poet is a loser to me- you just have a heart that bleeds more than most- keep fighting – don’t let them win – do it for you and know that you will win. I win everyday because I’m proud of myself- I don’t care what anyone else has to say – believe in yourself man. That’s what I do -I hope it works for you too


    1. Thank you so much WFALP!! I use my words to get through my swamp of a head. My heart is indeed on my sleeve and I allow it to get cut to much. The climb out of the hole is hard sometimes.

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