Expectaions watered down to reality.

I’ve come to expect less from people. I can say it with 100% fact that when I put my expectations on what some one should do, it always ends up in frustration, sadness, anger, and any other disappointing feeling you can think of. 

I can’t expect others to do what’s right for themselves, hell, let alone do right by me. It’s a sad place when you can’t hold someone to a higher standard and hope for them to reach it, if only to better themselves. Than there’s another type of thinking that comes along with expectations, failure. Why bother trying to reach that goal, why do I care what they think of me and what I’m doing. This mentality has sucked the life out of a lot of great expectations!!!

Unfortunately for me I hold everyone in my life to a high standard, and sometimes that really backfires on me, and it puts stress on our relationships, especially the ones closest to me. I always want the best for them, and I push, and maybe push a little to much. 

I’m also guilty of wanting more, and some don’t want to give me more. So that becomes my problem, and how I deal with that is up to me. Here lies my problem. How I have learned to combat these issues, these life problems is to expect less. Stop expecting people to do the right things, or do what is best for them, and know that I want the best out of them to achieve betterment within their lives. Some just don’t like that feeling of expectation, and some thrive in it.

So, I treat everyone the same, expect nothing, and be pleasantly surprised if they show up and do what they should anyways. I feel this step back from expectations of others has freed myself from so much frustration and sadness. It sucks sometimes to always be the one that has to be quiet about things as to not offend or upset someone’s delicate ego. But if that’s what it takes, then so be it.  


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