I’ll walk away, it’s easier for you. 

Is it easier just to ignore me? Maybe I’ll just go away, and just be that mistake you had. I see you everyday, and I’ll do my best to not interact with you, so not to upset the balance. You can go back to what you had before you crossed that line with me. Go back to him, back to his arms, your bed, you dog, your life, as if you ever left any of it.

Don’t worry about me, not that you do, no, no, don’t fight for me, I get it. It’s easier for the trash to take itself out. Free and clear of any hurt feelings, dealing with how torn up I am. I’ll do my best to stay away from you. I won’t keep beating myself up, I’ll try and understand your thought process, and/or choices. I guess love isn’t enough, never was if I think about. Well, my love wasn’t enough anyways, because you’re still there. 

I knew this was coming when you stopped talking to me, stopped being sweet and nice to me. It just wasn’t adding up, and like a flood it came to me today. I am an idiot, plain and simple, you tried to dump me a few times, but I tried to fight for it, and clearly you didn’t want that. For that I am sorry. 

I have had my heart broken fully, and the shallow grave I stand in suddenly feels like home. Everything was there, and just like that, it was gone. I’m not sure what to do with all these emotions, but I’m sure they will subside, they will eventually go away, and all that will be left is strangers with memories. 


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