We aren’t running!! 

Feet readjusted, toes dug in the dirt, sword in hand, eyes closed in prayer, sweat dripping from our arms, blood falling from our brow, we hear the devil coming, and we aren’t running, WE AREN’T RUNNING!!!!

Time and time again the tests keep coming! As if I may fail at any time. Headstrong, a will built for war, and a strength to outlast all enemies. You don’t know me, you can’t contain me, your only hope is to kill me, because I’ll keep coming, keep running at you until you’re gone.

The truth is you will finally recognize me standing over you. A last look at what you thought you could defeat, a last look at the unsuspecting victim turned giant. You look around and see that the many that stand, stand with me. All this time you thought they would change coats, and here is the reality though, they know what loyalty is! 

Brotherhood is strength, loyalty, respect and love. It’s not just about having each others backs, or stepping in when a other is down. It’s so much more. Day to day life, bring each other through the struggles, the ups and downs, we do LIFE as a family. Something that has been clearly lost on you!

See me, look at my eyes and see what loss is. You have been so wrapped up in defeating me that you have lost who you are! Consumed with jealousy and anger you fall through what you were meant to be! Even now I feel bad for you, but I can no longer try, I can no longer let you by, this is where we turn away, this is where we leave you, dead with no chance to come back! 


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