What it feels like.

“Her love allows my heart to open, like a flower opening itself to the morning sun.”

I was trying to find a description to explain how it feels when she loves me. It makes everything that has to do with me, react. I come to life, my soul jumps, my heart swoons, and I can’t stop smiling.

I try and put into words what her love means to me. I can talk about my anger, my jealousy, my hurt, and everything that effects me so negatively as it comes so natural to me. I have a hard time describing the rainbows and unicorns I feel when I’m happy, and with her.

Everything is gone, life is still, and it’s just her. I have no desire to do anything when she’s near me. I focus on her with such….? I don’t know, such wonder? Such amazement? I just look at her and think, this girl is my everything.

We have something I have never had. I am so broken when she’s gone, and when she’s back, I am whole. We talk, we laugh, and we cuddle so good together… It may not matter to you, but cuddling, like puzzle pieces that are meant to go together, is important to me.

The time we have is never enough, and FLIES by when she’s finally in my arms. She helps pass my day away with conversation through text. She sends me pictures of what she’s doing, or looks like, those are my favorite. I send some to her, but I’m not as beautiful as her. She looks magnificent every time I see her. I can’t even stand it, like, this beautiful woman loves me?? How the hell did I get so lucky?!?

I love her, and I always will, and what we have is something I will never give up on. She’s changed my eyes on what love is, and has opened my heart, and I have finally learned to trust again, so scary, but here I am, in love.


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