That one night…

I’d do anything to fall asleep with you, 

I hold you in my mind everyday,

I remember what it feels like,

I laid with you one night and I won’t ever forget,

I became someone I always knew was in me,

You brought the best out of me,

When I watched you sleep it was pure bliss,

I looked at every hair, freckle, and spot on you,
I remember your warn naked body next to mine,

I could feel you breathing under my arms,
You cuddled me back, and we touched each other one way or another all night, I never moved with out your hand on me, or mine on you when you rolled around. 

She was mine for a little while, 

She had my heart from the start,

I couldn’t ignore my desires for her,

She took me to a whole new place,

She felt me, all of me, and I gave her my heart,

I felt her, kissed her, and wished to never leave,

Her soft skin was intoxicating to the touch,

Her body was a temple to he worshipped,
I gave her my everything, and she gave me love,

Watching her eat, is adorable,
When we were in the store and I wouldn’t leave her alone while she picked out some ice-cream, I held her in my arms, an she felt perfect. She fits into me like no other.

When she showered, she washed me, I washed her, and we were just so synced up, loving, and it was a night I’ll never forget. She became more to me that night, and she became my muse, my center, my everything that day.

When she left I was devastated, because I knew that would never happen again. So I focused on all the good, and there was so much of it that if there was any bad, it was swallowed up by our love for each other.


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