She holds the keys

Have you ever had an awesome day with the one you love? I’m not saying like, you took a trip, you were on a get-a-way, or a special occasion type of awesome day. I mean a day where everything just clicks. No arguments, no distractions, just pure wonderful awesome love?

I had that today. I haven’t felt close to her these last few weeks and I was really missing her so much. I know being apart for some is good when they need space, but sometimes that space allows you, not necessarily forget, but it allows the feelings not to be as real and at the forefront of your mind.

Today, she let me in, and she was super into being with me, talking to me, and she kissed me with such passion it made my core shutter. I never had a woman have this soul shaking effect on me. I couldn’t even imagine it to be possible. Maybe for he it has, maybe you have, but for me, never, not even close. Love for me has been purposeful, and even forced at times. It has never been so free, open, allowing, and excepting. This, what we have, makes me wonder if it is special, unique, or just the way love is supposed to be.

We talked all day, we laughed, we turned each other on with pictures and words. We talked about nothing, but yet everything. We met this morning, and that really set the tone for the day. We talked about some serious stuff, then moved on, it felt right and good. I would hold her hand all day if she’d let me. I can honestly say I have never been so enamored with a woman like this before. Yes I have had crushes, yes I’ve lusted after a woman, but those all fade, and are short lived, and well, are only satisfying if the desires are met, and once they are, there’s usually nothing left.

This is a real building type of relationship, and I am loving….every….second….with….her. I find myself lost in fantasies of us. When I fall asleep I think of her beautiful face, her long hair, big blue eyes and how she smells. When I wake up, even to toss and turn, her name is on my mind first, second, and third! Who does that!!?? Oh, I do! This is not normal, I know. But I don’t even care, because damn it, I deserve to be happy, even if it’s only once and a while. She is not my only source of happiness, but I really do enjoy her so much.

I am so light, so free, so open, and my mood is lifted up so high, and that’s the way love should be! I am motivated, I am loving life, and loving myself and how I feel when I’m loved by her. I love the way she loves me. I love the way she fixes my broken. It is something I didn’t think was possible.

I know there’s so much written about and on love. I just wanted to add my version of our love. She’s just so wonderful, and I am the luckiest man on this earth because of it. She has so much to offer me, and anyone in any relationship. I think she has been taken for granted long enough, and she needs to be appreciated for the person she is. She needs a man to love her, and treat her the way she deserves, and I hope it’s me. At the end of the day, she makes her choices, but I just want her choices to be clearer, and easier the more we spend time together. 


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