She really knows

I swore to her that nothing was more important than her happiness. I have given her no reason to believe otherwise, but I feel the need to keep telling her what she means to me. I don’t want to smother her, I wish so desperately that this world didn’t shun what actual love looks like. That saying I love you a lot is a great thing, not a burden. This hollywood dramatic non-sense doesn’t cover the long-term love, once the newness has worn off, the excitement goes away type of love. 

This type of love has staying power, and will test the waters of a persons soul. I know what love is, I know what in love is, and I want her to experience what it means to be in love with me. Has anyone stood up for you like I do? Has anyone stood next to you like I have? Has anyone touched you like me? Has anyone been more real than I have been? Who has asked about your day as much as me? Who has given so much to you as I have?

You want romance or a guy to slap your ass and tell you to grab him a beer? Do you want cuddling or to sit on opposite ends of the couch while you look at your phones? Do you want dates where your attention is wanted, or just hit the bar and talk to all your friends? What do you want? All of it? Some of it? Half of it? 

I have not wavered from day one, you are my beginning, middle, and end. I have wanted nothing but you, in any way I can have you. I have never been so enamored with a woman like you before, my heart skips a beat when I see you, my breath quickens and my first reaction is to always smile. 

Do you have that type of love for me? I am always thinking of you, even in a crowded room, or a walk through the woods. Your love is in my heart, your smile tattooed on my soul, and my lips carry your name! Things always seem better when you’re around, and my soul is lighter, and my mind is at ease. 

I will be there for you, and I’ll be here for you, always. 


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