Amercian horror love story. 

I don’t know is a maybe, which is a knife plunged deep into my heart. As if in slow motion I watch you pull back, and swing your arm down with such force that I can’t do anything but watch in disbelief. Am I really seeing this with my own eyes? My ears scream in horror as they block out the sound of a dying heart. 

Numb… Poisoned so much that I feel nothing. My only solace with the knife resting deep inside my heart. Blood runs black as the anger soaks into my body. I am slowly reaching for the source of pain as if to rip it out of my body. My blood is boiling as the rage in me starts to awaken.

I grab the wooden handle, still in disbelief that I feel it there. It was so easy for her to pierce my flesh, and get straight to the core of my being. Her aim dead accurate, her speed unrealistic, and her face stone cold. Her eyes blacked out, like a great white shark, cold and unfeeling.

I stagger away from the attempted murder scene of love. I find the way out, and run until my body can no longer stand it. I collapse unto the cold grassy ground. I roll onto my back, face the clouds, and try to breath. I have been gasping for air, but now grasp for my heart. 

I have been played for the fool I realize, and now, now how do I recover from fools love? I feel cheated, robbed of anything real now, and what I have, what I feel, what I wanted are all destroyed. I lay here, bleeding out, and wondering if I will ever stop the bleeding.


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